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MEMORIAL Hospital in Antalya

About MEMORIAL Hospital in Antalya

Memorial Group opened the doors of its Antalya hospital in a move emphasizing the spread of world-class medical care throughout Turkey. As a part of Turkey's first JCI-accredited medical institution, Memorial Antalya is proudly carrying the tradition of providing the finest medical services to it's patients. With 114 patient beds, 18 observation beds, 4 intensive Care Units (General, Cardiovascular, Coronary, Neonatal) and 28 ICU beds and 5 operation rooms, Memorial Antalya is ready to accept patients from Turkey and abroad. Staffed with the region's leading physicians and equipped with the latest medical technology, Memorial Antalya Hospital is rapidly becoming a leading center for medical procedures in the Mediterranean Region.

Medical Care and Procedures at MEMORIAL Antalya

Staffed with some of the leading medical professionals in Turkey, MEMORIAL Antalya Hospital has a number of medical departments. With respect to the demands of our international patients, we are pleased to offer our top-end services in IVF treatments, Bariatric surgery, leading plastic surgery team in Antalya, as well as hair transplantation procedures.